Saturday, January 14, 2006

With composer Marilyn Shrude

Marilyn Shrude is one of our biggest supporters and have been since the very beginning of our group.
Here pictured with members of BNW from left to right;
Katri[cello], Maria[violin], Marilyn Shrude[composer] and Winston[piano].

Another from the Tufts residency

Here is another picture after a performance at the Tufts residency.
Pictured from left to right are;
Amy[harp], Maria[violin], Sarah[flute] and Jen[soprano]

Picture from Tufts with Marcos Balter

This from our residency at Tufts University from a while ago.
This shot was taken in the middle of our rehearsal of Marcos Balter's clarinet quintet.
One of the memorable thing about this piece was Steve making whooshing sounds across his violin hooked up to a contact microphone.

Shown from the left;
Marcos Balter[composer], Maria[violin], Steve[violin], Celia [clarinet, alumni member], Tim [viola], and Andrea Yun[guest member].

Recording session in January

As we do every year, members of BNW got together in Ann Arbor to go through our 2005 call for score works. In betwee, the listening and reading sessions, Winston, Maria and Katri went to Bowling Greent to record Marilyn Shrude's Piano trio.

Some photos from the DIA concert

Here is a picture of BNW members after our performance at the Detroit Institute of the Arts.